The Hidden Threat to Safety & Productivity

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Safety is a great concern on every worksite, with fatigue and impairment often being a hidden risk that goes unnoticed until an accident or injury occurs.

Managing Fatigue with Artificial Intelligence - AlertMeter & PRISM

The challenge is compounded as fatigue and impairment are not always easy to recognise. This is when Artificial Intelligence steps in.

Alert For Work offers patented solutions for effectively predicting and managing fatigue and impairment before it undermines safety and productivity. Used successfully throughout the USA, Europe and South Africa, we offer the power of PRISM™ & AlertMeter®.

Productivity Demands V’s Fatigue Management

Working “Till it’s done” is not uncommon in Australia. Taking on additional shifts, dedicated employees believe they are doing the Company a favour. But are they really?  As fatigue affects judgement, a worker who believes they are “fit for work” may not necessarily be.  This makes the task of Supervisors to assess fitness to work even more difficult.

The Covid pandemic has further compounded the fatigue challenge, due to high demands coupled with worker shortages.  Extended hours, night work, increased workloads, repetitive activity, and physically challenging tasks are the norm in many high-risk industries. Environmental conditions also play a part. Extreme cold/heat, lack of ventilation or dehydration are situations that increase the chances that fatigue will rear it’s ugly head.

Management is responsible for keeping employees safe and for maximising productivity. Utilising AI such as PRISM and AlertMeter, you know in advance when a worker is approaching a dangerous fatigue zone. Management will receive alerts, so an assessment on the fitness to work can be made immediately.

Put simply, companies cannot afford to ignore the hazards that come with impairment and fatigue.  The ability to assess the alertness of your workers in real-time is a simple and cost-effective way to enhance productivity, safety, and job satisfaction.

AI: PRISM & AlertMeter: Setting the Standard in Managing Fatigue & Impairment

AlertMeter and PRISM used to manage fatigue and impairment

AI has become a valuable tool in mining, oil & gas, construction, and other high risk industries. Many operations now use software that applies algorithms that can investigate, research, and implement solutions that improve productivity.

PRISM draws and analyses data related to worker fatigue directly from existing time/security systems, then utilises bio-mathematical calculations to identify who may be at risk from becoming dangerously fatigued and when

Using PRISM’s patented processes, supervisors and management can then plan and act to combat the risk. AlertMeter on the other hand, accurately identifies when cognitive fitness may be compromised.  AlertMeter, has been scientifically validated, to accurately detect impairment within 60 seconds, and can be taken on a daily basis without interrupting workflow.

Benefits of PRISM & AlertMeter

  • Easily integrated with existing systems and policies.
  • Real-time notifications of potential acute situations of fatigue and impairment
  • Reduction in incidents and incident severity
  • Improved worker commitment to safety
  • Reduction of expenses from absenteeism and presenteeism
  • Is non-invasive and protects worker privacy.
  • Supported by employees, unions and promotes a culture of safety.

Alert For Work

Alert For Work are authorised by Predictive Safety to offers the most advanced and proven products for improving operations and safety. The AI-driven solutions have been validated in a range of clinical trials, has nine approved patents and has already racked up over 70 million managed worker hours – and has just been recently released in Australia.

The technology behind PRISM and AlertMeter®, is based on science from NASA’s psychomotor vigilance tests (PVT), then adapted to suit commercial operations to raise alerts when impairment is detected.

Know your employees are showing up Alert for Work and that they remain so throughout their shift is more important than ever. If you’re interested in learning more, please get in touch.

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