Drugs & Alcohol

The use of drugs and alcohol can have a major impact on safety in the workplace.

Research shows that

Alcoholic with depression

Some signs of Drug use/abuse include:

  • slurred speech or talkativeness
  • slow movements or being overly alert or energetic,
  • inability to focus
  • paranoia/hallucinations/nervousness
  • inappropriate behaviours/mood swings
  • unpredictability
  • Irrational or aggressive behaviours
  • Physical changes, such as red eyes, poor grooming, track marks, skin sores, weight loss

Signs of drug use can be quite varied, depending on the person and type of drug used. The risk of drug use within the workforce can have dire consequences to the safety of not only the user but also those around them.

To combat the problem of drug use often companies resort to implementing Drug & Alcohol Testing.   But drug testing does not test for current impairment and is often considered to be an invasion of privacy of the individual being tested. 

Time and costs associated with drug testing simply does not make it a feasible option for companies, who then resort to implementing random testing a small portion of the workforce, reducing the likelihood of detecting affected workers.

That is not to say Drug and alcohol testing can’t be effective. Implementation just needs careful consideration to generate the best return and outcome.  In many cases, the cost of one drug test is the equivalent of using AlertMeter® for a whole year!

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