Are your workers intoxicated, fatigued, ill, distracted?…. Find out in 60 seconds

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Exhausted cargo worker

Thousands of workers show up to work every day with invisible cognitive impairments and cause destructive and costly incidents. AlertMeter® is the only reliable tool that helps safety-sensitive businesses identify daily impairment risk before incidents can happen. What is AlertMeter®? AlertMeter® is a 60-second cognitive alertness test that employees take before shifts, during shifts, or before critical tasks. It identifies safety risk due to fatigue, illness, emotional distress, intoxication, dehydration, and more. Safety supervisors get a notification when a worker needs extra attention in order to complete their tasks safely. What’s the test like? Shapes rotate on the screen. Workers quickly scan and tap on the shape that is different from all the others. Among other fit-for-work variables, this measures the worker’s ability to focus and react quickly to stimuli. What results can you expect? Reduced worker’s compensation claims; reduced accident severity and costs Increased productivity and workplace morale A proactive, positive safety culture More worker responsibility and accountability for safety More efficient use of supervisor time and focus A workforce that is safer and more productive Is it valid? ✔ Based on science by NASA and US Military ✔ Research and development funded by NIOSH ✔ Validated by NIOSH clinical testing ✔ 70+ million user hours tracked and studied ✔ Proven effective and reliable in any industry Alertmeter is used in the USA, Canada, South Africa, Peru, Brazil Columbia, United Kingdom…. and NOW available to Australian companies who are proactive and value the safety of their team. Contact Alert For Work for more information.

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