About PRISM™

A fatigued worker can be as dangerous as one that is intoxicated.  Balance, co-ordination and cognitive functioning are all negatively affected.   This can have dire consequences for the safety of all your workers  – Putting Your Company at Risk

PRISM uses a biomathematical calculator that looks at actual hours worked for the past 14 days through integrations with time/security systems.

The calculator evaluates how a worker’s rest/sleep schedule interacts with the natural sleep circadian cycle.

It then predicts when a person is at fatigue risk giving supervisors advance warning when a worker may be heading towards fatigue using real time data.


PRISM-Monitor does not require workforce engagement.  It is used as a monitoring and reporting tool for supervisors and managers by:

  • Issuing fatigue prediction reports on all staff at the start of each shift
  • Prediction alerts are automatically sent to supervisors, giving the opportunity to assess countermeasures that may be suitable for the situation.
  • It does not require worker involvement.


PRISM-Workforce includes AlertMeter® and countermeasures, engaging the whole team.  It is the only fatigue management system that is able to assess worker alertness relative to fatigue and impairment. Benefits of PRISM-Workforce:

  • Integrates with AlertMeter® to assess when fatigue has reached a level that impairment can be identified.
  • Empowers workers and supervisors to engage effective countermeasures.
  • Improves worker commitment to safety and productivity

Suitable for all industries

Common Questions:

Virtually in any setting where fatigue-related accidents occur. There is no shortage of catastrophic domestic and international incidents that could have been avoided had a product such as PRISM been in place. PRISM can provide a multitude of industries with demonstrable and measurable benefits through improved productivity combined with reduced human and equipment costs.

Yes, in both controlled and dispersed environments. PRISM has important additional value as a compliance tool for contract work. Contractors and employees can both use the system, with separate tracking and reporting. PRISM works extremely well with variable schedules. The more geographically dispersed the workforce, the more value it can bring.

PRISM gives employees a head start in heading of fatigue. Supervisors and workers work together and leverage of the indicators so that shifts are not interrupted.

PRISM works with any existing scheduling platform, and requires little hardware to set up. It has been implemented successfully in very low-tech environments.

AlertMeter® further refines fatigue predictions when using PRISM-Workforce

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