For the Real Time Assessment of

Fatigue & impairment in the workplace

Proactive solutions for all high risk industries in Australia
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For the Real Time Assessment of

Fatigue & impairment in the workplace

Critical for all high risk industries in Australia

Management of FATIGUE

An effective fatigue management system must go beyond setting a standard schedule.

Additional factors such as the impact of commutes, last minute overtime/double shifts, type of work performed, amount of sleep during rest period etc, can all cause havoc in managing fatigue risks.

It makes sense that fatigue management needs to predict fatigue at the individual level

Management of Cognitive Impairment

When the term impairment is used, most associate it with the use of drugs and alcohol.  However to manage impairment effectively, consideration needs to be given to other factors and influences such as:

Impairment Solution

AlertMeter is the only validated Fit For Work assessment that accurately identifies current impairment.

How AlertMeter®

Supports Your Business

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Your employee’s daily state of mind is a key factor in your company’s safety culture and its ability to meet quality control standards. The daily use of AlertMeter, can effectively identify if a worker is affected from fatigue, illness, distress, intoxication and other impairing factors.   This process ensures that everyone onsite, is Fit for Work.

AlertMeter also provides employees feedback on their results. The benefit of this, enables employees to recognise how, for example, lack of sleep, emotional distress, or lifestyle choices can affect their mental wellness, subtlety encouraging them to make healthier decisions to produce a healthier workforce. A benefit to your business, employees, and their families.

Validated Solutions to Predict & Detect Fatigue & Impairment


Accurately detect Fatigue & Impairment


Follow existing Company Policies


Company's Workers, Assets & Reputation

PRISM Fatigue Management
  • Assess if a worker is currently impaired, due to any cause
  • Quick and Easy
  • Game-Like interface that can’t be cheated
  • Objective results, triggering an opportunity for supervisors to converse with the “at risk workers” before they start a shift or perform a high risk procedure.
  • Creates a collaborative Workplace Safety Culture
  • Objective data provides supervisors of an early warning of impeding fatigue statuses
  • Empowers workers and supervisors to engage in time-efficient and effective counter measures
  • Demonstrated to have a high level of worker confidence, creating a culture of safety
  • May be used with AlertMeter® to provide real-time fatigue and impairment status
  •  Two Options PRISM-Monitor & PRISM-Workforce

Verified Results

Companies currently using AlertMeter®

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